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Fear FactorAaron CoffeyFear, DisobedienceMark, 1 Samuel
God Doesn't Waste SeedDanny WhetstoneEvangelism, SpiritActs
Preparing for the Future by Dealing with the PastFG HomsherForgiveness, JudgementHebrews
Six Words that Will Change Your LifeTom FarrellGlory, WorshipGalatians
How to Handle TemptationJerry SivnkstySin, ScriptureMatthew
Give God Your LifeRon DeGardeGlory, Repentance, ForgivenessJonah
Them That Love His AppearingGary AndersonSecond Coming, Service2 Timothy
Amazing GraceSteve PettitJustification,SalvationRomans
Heart SurgeryMike HerbsterSin, Surrender, ObedienceHebrews, Joshua
IntegrityJohn VaughnHonesty, PrideProverbs
Guaranteed SuccessJeremy FrazorFaithfulness, ObedienceJoshua
Build a Spirit -Driven LifeSam HornHoly Spirit, DiscipleshipEphesians
Discovering God's WillSteve PettitSurrender, DiscipleshipRomans
The Things He ValuesJohn O'MalleyCrucifixion, ChurchMatthew
How to Reach Your PotentialJeff KahlObedience, AuthorityProverbs
God Knows YouWill GalkinPrayer, DiscipleshipPsalm
Two Days to LiveJD CrowleyMoney, Heaven, EvangelismMathew
Seeking God FirstBruce McCallisterPriorities, WorldlinessMatthew
How to Get Answers from HeadquartersTom FarrellHannah, Prayer1 Samuel
MissionsDanny WhetstoneEvangelism, MissionsActs
Having an Urban BurdenMatt ReckerEvangelism, ThankfulnessRomans
The USA in Bible ProphecySteve PettitProphecy, Judgment1 Thessalonians
Powerful PrayerRon DeGardePromise, PrayerJeremiah
Life Lessons from a Dead LoserJeremy FrazorSin, JudgmentJoshua
TithingKevin LorchMoneyMatthew
Missions and SpiritismJD CrowleyCults, BalaamNumbers
Victory Over InjusticeJeff KahlVictoryLuke
Business Lessons from the Unjust StewardLes OllilaValues, FinancesLuke
Laborers in the HarvestWill GalkinEvangelism, LoveMatthew
Brokenness: The Way to BlessingJohn VaughnTestimony, Trials1 Peter
Brokenness: The PrincipleJohn VaughnCrucifixion, SacrificeJohn
Brokenness: The ProcessJohn VaughnMoses, SurrenderExodus
Brokenness: The PurposeJohn VaughnPeter, Strength, WeaknessMatthew
Brokenness: The PromiseJohn VaughnPaul, Prayer, Discipleship2 Corinthians
Brokenness: The PortraitJohn VaughnJoseph, ServiceGenesis
How to Change God's WayJeremy FrazorDiscipleship, SinEphesians
Radically ChangedMark ZimmerSalvation, Paul, IsraelRomans
Two Ways to LiveJD CrowleyTestimony, RebellionRomans
The Value of a SoulJohn GoetschDeath, SalvationMark
Won't You Be My Neighbor?John O'MalleySamaritan, CompassionLuke
The Greatest Passion of LifeWill GalkinLove, TimeMatthew
How to Make a Great FamilyJeff KahlPriorities, KnowledgeDeuteronomy
Good Advice for Bad TimesSam HornWorryMatthew
Imitating Jesus ChristDoug McLachlanDiscipleshipJohn
Rules for RelationshipsSteve PettitRelationships, SalvationEphesians
Sold for HimAaron CoffeyMoses, ObedienceExodus
Is the Young Man Safe?Jeremy FrazorDavid, Consequences2 Samuel
Wounds of ChristJohn GoetschCrucifixionZechariah
When Everything Looks All Right, But Everything is All WrongRon DeGardeObedience, TestimonyRevelation
Jesus is the KeyMark HerbsterFaith, SalvationJohn
The Romans Road is Not the Romans RoadJD CrowleyEvangelismRomans
People PleasersBobby WoodPrideMatthew
So Man Could Find HimJohn O'MalleySalvationEcclesiastes
Minor Prophets with a Major MessageFG HomsherMercy, Redemption, SalvationHosea
Cry of BlindnessMark ZimmerBartimaeus, Blindness, HelplessLuke
The Shape of God's LoveDoug McLachlanLove, SalvationJohn
The Cost of Being a ChristianJeff KahlDiscipleshipRomans
The Master KeyJeremy FrazorDiscipleshipMark
The Road to RevivalJohn GoetschSalvation, Prayer2 Chronicles
Whosoever and TheyDanny WhetstoneFaith, SalvationRomans
Taking the Message to the Regions BeyondJohn O'MalleyEvangelism, Missions2 Corinthians
Three Enemies We Fight AgainstMike HerbsterLust, Sin, WorldlinessJames
Sanctifying ObedienceSteve PettitObedience, Salvation, SanctificationPhilippians
The Value of God's WordRon DeGardeBible, DoctrineII Timothy
Quicken Me O LordWill GalkinSalvationPsalm
Portrait of CourageJeff KahlCourage, FaithDaniel
No Regret LivingSam HornObedienceLuke
Will You Live by Faith?Aaron CoffeyFaithHabakkuk
The Greatest Exercise of Your Soul Part 1Tom FarrellConscience, GodlinessActs
The Greatest Exercise of Your Soul Part 2Tom FarrellConscience, GodlinessActs
Take My YokeDanny WhetstoneFaith, SalvationMatthew
What is Real Salvation?Jeremy FrazorSalvationLuke
ConfrontationBobby WoodChurch, RelationshipsGalatians
The Great PredictionJD CrowleyEvangelism, MissionsActs
Demolishing StrongholdsFG HomsherObedience, Sin, StrongholdsJames
Standing in GraceMark KittrellGrace, Faith, FreedomGalatians
How Then Shall We Not Live?Steve PettitSalvation, WorldlinessEphesians
GideonBrian CarruthersFaith, Gideon1 Corinthians
AngerLes OllilaAnger, MosesNumbers
Ready for the RaptureJohn GoetschSalvation1 Thessalonians
Remember Your StoryJim NewcomerSalvation, TestimonyMatthew
Rescue of Two PrisonersFG HomsherMinistry, SalvationActs
The Key to Maximum Christian LivingTom FarrellDiscipleship, Holy SpiritEphesians
Witnessing Like JesusJeremy FrazorEvangelismJohn
Launch Into the DeepDanny WhetstoneFaith, ObedienceLuke
Taste and See that God is Good Enough for YouAaron CoffeyLight, SalvationIsaiah
Gearing Up for ServiceMark ZimmerServanthoodColossians
Dealing With DespairCarson FremontMoses, PaulExodus, Numbers
Let Patience Have Her Perfect WorkJohn VaughnPatienceJames
Final WarningSteve PettitDiscipleship, ObedienceHebrews
What is Truth?John GoetschBible, TruthIsaiah
Wisdom for the FamilyJeff KahlFamilyProverbs
Obey God by Obeying AuthoritiesMark HerbsterAuthority, ObedienceHebrews
The Life of DavidCarson FremontDavid1 Samuel, Psalms
The World's Greatest NeedPhil HuntSalvationRomans
God's QuestDanny WhetstoneDiscipleship, Evangelism , MissionsGenesis
Our Real and Present DangerSteve PettitDiscipleship, DiscouragementHebrews
Sword of the SpiritFG HomsherHoly SpiritEphesians
The Most Important Decision You Will Ever MakeTom FarrellSalvation2 Corinthians
The Body We CherishDoug McLachlanChurch1 Timothy
Trusting GodJohn ZimmerFaithPhilippians
Treasure in HeavenGary CrandallDiscipleship, HeavenMatthew
Salvation in a SaviorJoe BaldwinSalvationRomans
To Follow ChristWill GalkinDiscipleship, ObedienceLuke
Manifesting a Life that MattersSam HornFamily1 Thessalonians
The Heart of PaulKevin InafukuLove2 Corinthians
When You Get to HeavenJohn VaughnEvangelism, LotGenesis
Living Sacrifice Part 1Mark KittrellName, Love, SacrificeMalachi
Living Sacrifice Part 2Mark KittrellHonor, Love, SacrificeMalachi
Work EthicDavid DanielWorkProverbs
The Danger of UnforgivenessJeff KahlConflict, Forgiveness, RelationshipsMatthew
Departing GraceFG HomsherDeath, Paul1 Thessalonians
A Cry for HelpDanny WhetstoneEvangelism, MissionsActs
The City of God Part 1Steve PettitHeavenRevelation
The City of God Part 2Steve PettitHeavenRevelation
God's Transforming PowerMark ZimmerSalvationColossians
What is God LikeWill GalkinCreator, JusticeGenesis
The Power of Prayer Part 1Jim TillotsonPrayer, HindrancesJohn
The Power of Prayer Part 2Jim TillotsonPrayer, HindrancesIsaiah, Proverbs
HellJeremy FrazorJudgment, HellMatthew, Luke
Salt and LightDalton HeathTestimony, ExampleMatthew
Added to the ChurchJohn GoetschChurch, DiscipleshipActs
Fresh OilSteve PettitSpirit, FaithfulnessPsalm
Saved or LostJeff RedlinSalvation, Enemy2 Chronicles
Faithful in Small ThingsMark ZimmerTestimony, FaithfulnessMatthew, Ephesians
A Forever FixDr. Marty VonEternity, PerspectiveLuke
A Little Thing that Makes a Big DifferenceTom FarrellAttitudeProverbs
A Little ThingTom FarrellAttitude, FocusPsalm, Proverbs
Pruning the VineMark KittrellObedience, ExampleJohn
Terrorists, Traitors and Triumphs Part 1 FG HomsherEvangelism, PersecutionActs
Terrorists, Traitors and Triumphs Part 2 FG HomsherEvangelism, PersecutionActs
7 Marks of a Growing FamilyCurt LamanskySanctification, Family2 Peter
What Right Does God Have to My Body?Tom FarrellPurity, Creation, Surrender1 Corinthians
Act Like MenDanny WhetstoneVictory, Faithfulness1 Corinthians
Build a Glory Driven LifeSam HornGlory, Mission1 Corinthians
The Believer and Redeeming FaithLeonard SaundersObedience, Faithfulness, SalvationTitus
Trusting God When it HurtsWill GalkinFaithfulness, ObedienceGenesis
Be a Real ChristianMark HerbsterHypocrisyProverbs
Barnabas the EncouragerDanny WhetstoneUnity, EncouragementActs
God On TrialDave DoranPride, TrialsDaniel
Grow UpJeremy FrazorDiscipleship, ChurchActs
Four Who are LostJeff FainObedience, EvangelismLuke
Four Marks of a Good SoldierMark HerbsterDiscipleship, Spirit2 Timothy
The Return of the LordJerry SivnkstyPromise, EternityActs, 1 Corinthians
Be Imitators of GodSam HornEvangelism, MissionEphesians
Don't Underestimate the Power of SinRon DeGardeWorldliness, ExhortationHebrews
Don't Waste Your LifeWill GalkinYouth, RememberEcclesiastes
Living On Eternity's EdgeMatt ReckerElijah, Evangelism2 Kings
Following Jesus Christ: An Extraordinary PrivilegeDoug McLachlanEvengelismJohn
Following Jesus Christ: His BeingDoug McLachlanLight, Power, DiscipleshipJohn
Following Jesus Christ - His SacrificeDoug McLachlanDiscipleship, GodlinessRomans
Following Jesus Christ: His Extraordinary BeingDoug McLachlanDiscipleship, GraceJohn
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