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Title Speaker Topics Scriptures
When You Get to Heaven John Vaughn Evangelism, Lot Genesis
The Heart of Paul Kevin Inafuku Love 2 Corinthians
Minor Prophets with a Major Message FG Homsher Mercy, Redemption, Salvation Hosea
Preparing for the Future by Dealing with the Past FG Homsher Forgiveness, Judgement Hebrews
Manifesting a Life that Matters Sam Horn Family 1 Thessalonians
Final Warning Steve Pettit Discipleship, Obedience Hebrews
The Danger of Unforgiveness Jeff Kahl Conflict, Forgiveness, Relationships Matthew
Demolishing Strongholds FG Homsher Obedience, Sin, Strongholds James
To Follow Christ Will Galkin Discipleship, Obedience Luke
Salvation in a Savior Joe Baldwin Salvation Romans
Treasure in Heaven Gary Crandall Discipleship, Heaven Matthew
The Body We Cherish Doug McLachlan Church 1 Timothy
The World's Greatest Need Phil Hunt Salvation Romans
God's Transforming Power Mark Zimmer Salvation Colossians
The Life of David Carson Fremont David 1 Samuel, Psalms
Obey God by Obeying Authorities Mark Herbster Authority, Obedience Hebrews
Trusting God John Zimmer Faith Philippians
Wisdom for the Family Jeff Kahl Family Proverbs
What is Truth? John Goetsch Bible, Truth Isaiah
The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make Tom Farrell Salvation 2 Corinthians
Work Ethic David Daniel Work Proverbs
Departing Grace FG Homsher Death, Paul 1 Thessalonians
Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work John Vaughn Patience James
Sword of the Spirit FG Homsher Holy Spirit Ephesians
Dealing With Despair Carson Fremont Moses, Paul Exodus, Numbers
Gearing Up for Service Mark Zimmer Servanthood Colossians
A Cry for Help Danny Whetstone Evangelism, Missions Acts
The City of God Part 1 Steve Pettit Heaven Revelation
The City of God Part 2 Steve Pettit Heaven Revelation
Rescue of Two Prisoners FG Homsher Ministry, Salvation Acts
Remember Your Story Jim Newcomer Salvation, Testimony Matthew
Ready for the Rapture John Goetsch Salvation 1 Thessalonians
Anger Les Ollila Anger, Moses Numbers
Gideon Brian Carruthers Faith, Gideon 1 Corinthians
The Key to Maximum Christian Living Tom Farrell Discipleship, Holy Spirit Ephesians
People Pleasers Bobby Wood Pride Matthew
Our Real and Present Danger Steve Pettit Discipleship, Discouragement Hebrews
Following Jesus Christ: His Extraordinary Being Doug McLachlan Discipleship, Grace John
The Romans Road is Not the Romans Road JD Crowley Evangelism Romans
How Then Shall We Not Live? Steve Pettit Salvation, Worldliness Ephesians
Standing in Grace Mark Kittrell Grace, Faith, Feedom Galatians
The Great Prediction JD Crowley Evangelism, Missions Acts
Confrontation Bobby Wood Church, Relationships Galatians
Taste and See That the Lord is Good Enough for You Aaron Coffey Worldliness, Worship Isaiah
God's Quest Danny Whetstone Discipleship, Evangelism , Missions Genesis
The Greatest Excercise of Your Soul Part 2 Tom Farrell Conscience, Godliness Acts
The Greatest Excercise of Your Soul Part 1 Tom Farrell Conscience, Godliness Acts
Following Jesus Christ - His Sacrifice Doug McLachlan Discipleship, Godliness Romans
Will You Live by Faith? Aaron Coffey Faith Habakkuk
Launch Into the Deep Danny Whetstone Faith, Obedience Luke
Witnessing Like Jesus Jeremy Frazor Evangelism John
What is Real Salvation? Jeremy Frazor Salvation Luke
Quicken Me O Lord Will Galkin Salvation Psalm
The Value of God's Word Ron DeGarde Bible, Doctrine II Timothy
Take My Yoke Danny Whetstone Faith, Salvation Matthew
No Regret Living Sam Horn Obedience Luke
Sanctifying Obedience Steve Pettit Obedience, Salvation, Sanctification Philippians
Three Enemies We Fight Against Mike Herbster Lust, Sin, Worldliness James
Whosoever and They Danny Whetstone Faith, Salvation Romans
Victory Over Injustice Jeff Kahl Victory Luke
Jesus is the Key Mark Herbster Faith, Salvation John
The Shape of God's Love Doug McLachlan Love, Salvation John
When Everything Looks All Right, But Everything is All Wrong Ron DeGarde Obedience, Testimony Revelation
Portrait of Courage Jeff Kahl Courage, Faith Daniel
Sold for Him Aaron Coffey Moses, Obedience Exodus
Rules for Relationships Steve Pettit Relationships, Salvation Ephesians
Imitating Jesus Christ Doug McLachlan Discipleship John
The Master Key Jeremy Frazor Discipleship Mark
Taking the Message to the Regions Beyond John O'Malley Evangelism, Missions 2 Corinthians
Good Advice for Bad Times Sam Horn Worry Matthew
The Cost of Being a Christian Jeff Kahl Discipleship Romans
So Man Could Find Him John O'Malley Salvation Ecclesiastes
The Road to Revival John Goetsch Salvation, Prayer 2 Chronicles
How to Make a Great Family Jeff Kahl Priorities, Knowledge Deuteronomy
Wounds of Christ John Goetsch Crucifiction Zechariah
The Greatest Passion of Life Will Galkin Love, Time Matthew
Won't You Be My Neighbor? John O'Malley Samaritan, Compassion Luke
The Value of a Soul John Goetsch Death, Salvation Mark
Two Ways to Live JD Crowley Testimony, Rebellion Romans
Radically Changed Mark Zimmer Salvation, Paul, Israel Romans
Brokenness: The Portrait John Vaughn Joseph, Service Genesis
Brokenness: The Promise John Vaughn Paul, Prayer, Discipleship 2 Corinthians
Brokenness: The Purpose John Vaughn Peter, Strength, Weakness Matthew
Brokenness: The Process John Vaughn Moses, Surrender Exodus
Brokenness: The Principle John Vaughn Crucifiction, Sacrifice John
Brokenness: The Way to Blessing John Vaughn Testimony, Trials 1 Peter
God's Plan for Israel Part 2 Dan Morrell Promises, Prophecy Daniel
God's Plan for Israel Part 1 Dan Morrell Prophecy Deuteronomy, Ezekial
Business Lessons from the Unjust Steward Les Ollila Values, Finances Luke
Is the Young Man Safe? Jeremy Frazor David, Consequences 2 Samuel
Salt and Light Dalton Heath Testimony, Example Matthew
Tithing Kevin Lorch Money Matthew
Powerful Prayer Ron DeGarde Promise, Prayer Jeremiah
The USA in Bible Prophecy Steve Pettit Prophecy, Judgment 1 Thessalonians
Following Jesus Christ: His Being Doug McLachlan Light, Power, Discipleship John
Laborers in the Harvest Will Galkin Evangelism, Love Matthew
Missions and Spiritism JD Crowley Animism, Balaam Numbers
Having an Urban Burden Matt Recker Evangelism, Thankfulness Romans
Missions Danny Whetstone Evangelism, Missions Acts
How to Change God's Way Jeremy Frazor Discipleship, Sin Ephesians
How to Get Answers from Headquarters Tom Farrell Hannah, Prayer 1 Samuel
Seeking God First Bruce McCallister Priorities, Worliness Matthew
Two Days to Live JD Crowley Money, Heaven, Evangelism Mathew
Life Lessons from a Dead Loser Jeremy Frazor Sin, Judgment Joshua
God Knows You Will Galkin Prayer, Discipleship Psalm
How to Reach Your Potential Jeff Kahl Obedience, Authority Proverbs
The Things He Values John O'Malley Crucifiction, Church Matthew
Discovering God's Will Steve Pettit Surrender, Discipleship Romans
Build a Spirit -Driven Life Sam Horn Holy Spirit, Discipleship Ephesians
Guaranteed Success Jeremy Frazor Faithfulness, Obedience Joshua
Integrity John Vaughn Honesty, Pride Proverbs
Heart Surgery Mike Herbster Sin, Surrender, Obedience Hebrews, Joshua
Following Jesus Christ: An Extraordinary Privilege Doug McLachlin Evengelism John
Amazing Grace Steve Pettit Justification,Salvation Romans
Them That Love His Appearing Gary Anderson Second Coming, Service 2 Timothy
Give God Your Life Ron DeGarde Glory, Repentance, Forgiveness Jonah
How to Handle Temptation Jerry Sivnksty Sin, Scripture Matthew
Six Words that Will Change Your Life Tom Farrell Glory, Worship Galatians
Hell Jeremy Frazor Judgment, Hell Matthew, Luke
Fear Factor Aaron Coffey Fear, Disobedience Mark, 1 Samuel
God Doesn't Waste Seed Danny Whetstone Evangelism, Spirit Acts
Living On Eternity's Edge Matt Recker Elijah, Evangelism 2 Kings
Don't Waste Your Life Will Galkin Youth, Remember Ecclesiastes
Don't Underestimate the Power of Sin Ron DeGarde Worliness, Exhortation Hebrews
Be Imitators of God Sam Horn Evangelism, Mission Ephesians
The Return of the Lord Jerry Sivnksty Promise, Eternity Acts, 1 Corinthians
A Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference Tom Farrell Attitude Proverbs
Four Marks of a Good Soldier Mark Herbster Discipleship, Spirit 2 Timothy
Four Who are Lost Jeff Fain Obedience, Evangelism Luke
Grow Up Jeremy Frazor Discipleship, Church Acts
God On Trial Dave Doran Pride, Trials Daniel
Barnabas the Encourager Danny Whetstone Unity, Encouragement Acts
Be a Real Christian Mark Herbster Hypocrasy Proverbs
Trusting God When it Hurts Will Galkin Faithfulness, Obedience Genesis
Fresh Oil Steve Pettit Spirit, Faithfulness Psalm
The Believer and Redeeming Faith Leonard Saunders Obedience, Faithfulness, Salvation Titus
Taste and See that God is Good Enough for You Aaron Coffey Light, Salvation Isaiah
Build a Glory Driven Life Sam Horn Glory, Mission 1 Corinthians
Act Like Men Danny Whetstone Victory, Faithfulness 1 Corinthians
Added to the Church John Goetsch Church, Discipleship Acts
What Right Does God Have to My Body? Tom Farrell Purity, Creation, Surrender 1 Corinthians

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