Living Redemptively

Living Redemptively

This is a fifteen-minute, daily program featuring the excellent Bible teaching of Dr. Doug McLachlan.

Dr. McLachlan is the former Pastor of Fourth Baptist Church, in Plymouth, Minnesota. He's also served as a Bible teacher, college and Seminary professor.

The program airs at 3:45 am, 8:45 am and 2:45 pm weekdays on 88.1 FM.

Recent Programs

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Potency of God's WordDr. Doug McLachlanScripture, Obedience, TruthPsalms
Great Marks of SecutiryDr. Doug McLachlanSactification, Relationship, HopeRomans
Source of MusicDr. Doug McLachlanWorship, RelationshipPsalms
Revelation Churches SeriesDr. Doug MclachlanWorldliness, SactificationRevelation
Psalm 23 SeriesDr. Doug MclachlanGuidance, CarePsalms
Marks of GodlinessDr. Doug McLachlanCharacter, SalvationPsalms
Psalm of JoyDr. Doug McLachlanPraise, ThanksPsalms
Triumphant in TrialsDr. Doug McLachlanPersecution, Joy1 Peter
A Great and Glorious InvitationDr. Doug McLachlanRest, SalvationMatthew
Man God UsesDr. Doug McLachlanGodliness, BlessingPsalms
Christ's Redemptive MinistryDr. Doug McLachlanHoly Spirit, DeliveranceLuke
Applied ChristianityDr. Doug McLachlanFaithfulness, ServiceRomans
1 Peter SeriesDr. Doug McLachlanChrist, Suffering, Faith, Salvation, Values1 Peter
In the Fullness of TimeDr. Doug McLachlanRedemption, SalvationGalatians
Psalm 145Dr. Doug McLachlanSalvation, Praise, DaivdPsalms
Ephesians SeriesDr. Doug McLachlanGrace, RedemptionEphesians
Love's Ultimate ExpressionDr. Doug McLachlanDeath, ChristLuke
The Life Which Honors GodDr. Doug McLachlanPower, Godliness, Promises2 Peter
Ingratitude: The Most Graceless of All SinsDr. Doug McLachlanThankfulness, HumilityLuke
Abundance of LifeDr. Doug McLachlansinfulness, goodness, fruitfulnessTitus
The Supreme RevelationDr. Doug McLachlanRevelation, ChristHebrews
Greatness of Christian RedemptionDr. Doug McLachlanRedeemer1 Corinthians
The True Wisdom and the False WisdomDr. Doug McLachlanWisdomJames
Inexhaustible ChristDr. Doug McLachlanGrace, TruthJohn
Glory of the WordDr. Doug McLachlanScripture, Sacred2 Timothy
Man'a Malady and God's MercyDr. Doug McLachlanForgiveness, Compassion, MercyPsalm
1 Thessalonians SeriesDr. Doug McLachlanChurch, Love, Hope, Faithfulness1 Thessalonians
Message of BaptismDr. Doug McLachlanBaptismColossians
The Blood of Jesus ChristDr. Doug McLachlanSacrifice, ForgivenessHebrews
The Glory of God's GraceDr. Doug McLachlanEncouragement, RedemptionTitus
The Great DeliveranceDr. Doug McLachlanRedemption, SalvationHebrews
The BeatitudesDr. Doug McLachlanBlessing, Joy, JesusMatthew
The Great Works of Christ on our BehalfDr. Doug McLachlanRedemption, SacrificeHebrews
Words From the CrossDr. Doug McLachlanCrucifixion, Resurrection, LoveMatthew, Luke John
Biblical EvangelismDr. Doug McLachlanEvangelism, Gospel1 Peter, Matthew, 1 John
Realizing Our RichesDr. Doug McLachlanPrayer, UnityEphesians
4 Great SeperationsDr. Doug McLachlanFall, SalvationGenesis
Grace and Government of GodDr. Doug McLachlanRedemptionGenesis
Formation of a Fallen CultureDr. Doug McLachlanSin, SeperationGenesis
Radiance of God’s LoveDr. Doug McLachlanSalvation, BeliefJohn
Potential for Authentic ChristianityDr. Doug McLachlanSalvation, IndwellingPhilippians
Ye Are the Salt of the EarthDr. Doug McLachlanWitness, InfluenceMatthew
JosephDr. Doug McLachlanTrials, FaithfulnessGenesis
Rarity of GratitudeDr. Doug McLachlanHealing, ThankfulnessLuke
JesusChrist the Supreme WonderDr. Doug McLachlanWitnessing, SeekingJohn
2 Timothy 1Dr. Doug McLachlanSalvation, Faith, Sanctification2 Timothy
2 Timothy 2Dr. Doug McLachlanServan, Steward, Sacrifice2 Timothy
2 Timothy 3Dr. Doug McLachlanApostasy, Faithfulness2 Timothy
2 Timothy 4Dr. Doug McLachlanPreaching, Witnessing, Second Coming2 Timothy
Marks of Wisdom in a Godly ManDr. Doug McLachlanCompassion, Courage1 Corinthians
Reflections On His SufferingsDr. Doug McLachlanDiscouragement, FaithfulnessHebrews
His Name IsDr. Doug McLachlanSufficiency, ChristIsaiah
Missionary MandateDr. Doug McLachlanFaith, SalvationActs
Portrait of ConsecrationDr. Doug McLachlanLove, DedicationRomans
A Consideration of The Subject of ReconciliationDr. Doug McLachlanSeperation, Sin2 Corinthians
The Joy of the ChristianDr. Doug McLachlanJoyPhilippians
Absolute JustificationDr. Doug McLachlanRedemptionRomans