Matthew 7

Take Note Highlights – Matthew 7

We began our look at Matthew 7, on the August 17 edition, with the oft-quoted “judge not, that ye be not judged.” What does this passage mean?

Joe Henson

Take Note Interviews – Joe Henson

We asked Pastor Joe Henson about Biblical foundations for viewing the world, and the question: “what are the imperatives for studying prophecy?”


Take Note Highlights – Dependence

The day before Independence Day, we consider dependence on Christ, both as we begin our relationship with Him in salvation and continue in discipleship.


Take Note Highlights – Confidence

We asked “Where is Your Confidence?” on the June 27, 2017 edition of Take Note, spending time in passages that encourage us to place confidence in Christ.

JD Crowley

Take Note Sermons – Do the Math

JD Crowley was featured on the May 19, 2017 edition of Take Note with a challenging message titled “Do the Math.” Download Take Note Sermons – Do the Math


Take Note Highlights – Follow

We have examples of lives totally committed to following Jesus in the New Testament, we examined those examples on May 8, 2017.