Pastor Don, Pastor Gary

Harvest Time – Pastor Don

Pastor Don Eckert joins Pastor Gary on this edition to discuss their recent trip to visit HBBC graduates on Majuro and Pohnpei.

Family Academy

Harvest Time – Family Academy

We bring you into our Wednesday evening Family Academy classes on this Harvest Time, focusing on Conversational English and Parenting.


Live ’til Five – Graduations

In conjunction with this weekend’s ceremonies at Harvest Christian Academy and Harvest Baptist Bible College, we discuss: graduations.

Scott Mills

Harvest Time – Scott Mills

Director of Harvest Baptist Bible College, Scott Mills joins us on this edition to tell his story, and the story of HBBC and its students.


Live ’til Five – College

From mortar boards to witch hazel to cardioid microphones and everything in between on this week’s college-focused edition of Live ’til Five.


Harvest Time – Dongons

Andrew and Bonnie Dongan join Pastor Herron this week to talk about how they are using their gifts in music and English to minister to others.


Harvest Time – Borchardts

Jeff and Jessica Borchardt join Pastor Herron this week to talk about their family and ministry in education at Harvest.

Dr. Sam Horn

Harvest Time – Dr. Sam Horn

Dr. Sam Horn was in the studio this week discussing students, today’s culture, and education from a Christian worldview.


Harvest Time – Lovmos

Ray and Betty Ann Lovmo joined Pastor Herron on this week’s Harvest Time to talk about their many years of service for Christ at Harvest.