Deep Sea Fishing

Live ’til Five – Deep Sea Fishing

On this week’s program, we had another visit from Josh Taylor, a discussion on best/worst jobs, all of our regular features, and the topic Deep Sea Fishing.


Live ’til Five – Summertime

Josh Taylor joins us to begin a new segment called “Joshin’ Around” this week, as we focus on nicknames and eventually summertime.


Live ’til Five – Smorgasbord

Is your mind hungry? Listen to our smorgasbord on Live ’til Five.  Today we’re joined by Larry Moyer, a trumpet player with the Guam Territorial Band.


Live ’til Five – Travel

Kyle Eckert introduces us to bitcoin today. Lindsay Nagengast joins us for “What’s in My Can?” And it all comes back to travel in our second hour.

JD Crowley

Take Note Sermons – Do the Math

JD Crowley was featured on the May 19, 2017 edition of Take Note with a challenging message titled “Do the Math.” Download Take Note Sermons – Do the Math


Live ’til Five – College

From mortar boards to witch hazel to cardioid microphones and everything in between on this week’s college-focused edition of Live ’til Five.

Convenience Stores

Live ’til Five – Convenience Stores

Gas up, grab some beef jerky, perhaps a black coffee, and settle in for another episode of Live ’til Five. Convenience stores are the topic of the day. Download Live ’til Five – Convenience Stores