Take Note

Take Note Highlights – Trust the Lord

It’s easy to rely on jobs and savings accounts, but God wants us to trust Him. We address this topic from scripture on the August 9 edition of Take Note.

Dr. and Mrs. Nagengast

Harvest Time – Nagengasts

Dr. Larry and Mrs. Jackie Nagengast join us this week to discuss ministry, education, and times of transition in life.

Take Note

Take Note Highlights – Speak Up

On the July 28, 2016 edition of Take Note, we examine the mandates of the Great Commission and remember the joy of sharing Christ with others.

Take Note

Take Note Highlights – Leadership

On the July 25, 2016 edition of the program, we considered what the Bible says about leadership and being led. In this highlight, we read from Titus 3.


Live ’til Five – Highways

We celebrate America’s independence on today’s program, looking ahead to July 4th. We also feature stories about highways modern and ancient.