John Collier

John Collier, 20th Anniversary

We had the opportunity to chat with former station manager John Collier via Skype for our 20th anniversary. Download John Collier’s 20th anniversary interview

Dr. Doug McLachlan

Harvest Time – Dr. Doug McLachlan

Pastor Herron speaks with Dr. Doug McLachlan, our teacher on Living Redeptively and former pastor of Fourth Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN.

Live ’til Five – Grandmothers

Dr. Dave Brown joins us again to discuss a recent module at Harvest Baptist Bible College. We also discuss grandmothers in the second hour.

Kurt Skelly

2016 Missions Conference

Pastor Kurt Skelly joined us for the 2016 Missions Conference at Harvest Baptist Church. Listen to all five of his sermons here.

Pastor Kevin Inafuku

New CD for HBC 40th Anniversary

This special KHMG program features music from the Harvest Baptist Church 40th Anniversary Collection CD. Pastor Kevin Inafuku is our guest.