Take Note Highlights – Review

The scriptures encourage us to review and often provide extensive passages of review like the one we address on this edition: Hebrews 11.


Live ’til Five – Review

We discuss the Biblical and practical importance of review on this week’s program, with friend of the show and special guest host Josh Taylor.


Live ’til Five – Haluhalo

This program features a mix of topics along with all of our regular segments and co-hosts, and a few surprises along the way.


Take Note Highlights – Peace

We focused on peace and contentment in this edition of Take Note, concentrating primarily in this highlight on Philippians 4.


Live ’til Five – Books

Bob the Librarian stops in to talk about library month, as our theme of books is touched upon throughout this week’s LTF.


Live ’til Five – Lunch

School lunches are among the main topics today in our overall “lunch” theme. Jared Baldwin and the guys are back this week.